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We lives in a quiet, safe neighbourhood. Boarding will be in our house. 

Our boarding includes everything but your Piggy 🐷

We will provide large C&C cage, natural paper bedding, unlimited Oxbow® timothy hay, daily diet of Oxbow® pellets, unlimited fresh filter water, daily fresh vegetables and fruits. 


I always spot clean the cage at least once a day, and change the entire bedding around 3-4 days. Your guinea pigs will be separated from others, and given individual attention and play time daily.



Nail Clipping Service

Our Piggy Manicure:


Guinea pig nails grow continually. And, what you may not realize is, when not trimmed regularly, piggy’s nails not only grow longer, but they also tend to curl. This curling, thus, impairs their ability to walk.

But, you can prevent all of this just by trimming your piggy’s nails on a regular basis, thus eliminating discomfort and pain.

We use the professional small animal clippers to trim your piggy's nails. 


Photos & Videos

We will send you photos and videos through the email constantly.  



Shower Shampoo: Gorgeous Guineas®

It is the shower shampoo designed specially for the guinea pigs. Commercial shampoos often contain harsh detergents and other chemicals that may be very irritating to your piggies, causing redness and dryness. 


Gorgeous Guineas® shampoos are based on ingredients derived from plants that are kinder to the skin.  No SLS, SLES, or SLSA detergents are used.  We use the minimum amount of preservatives, and any colour in the shampoo comes from the pure Essential Oils.


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